Use of Proxies to Gamble at the Casino anonymously

Before dealing with the subject, it’s better to understand what a web proxy is for the benefit of those who may feel the need to use it but don’t how or even what it is.

Many people while surfing and searching websites do not wish to reveal their identity or in other words, do not want their IP address to be tracked. (IP-Internet Protocol Address assigned to your device whenever you are online). Nowadays, IP addresses are tracked not only by the destination website, but also by many advertisement sites who want to send you cookies (small programs) through which their product ads will be visible on your device (PC, laptop, smartphone ,etc.). Hence, what a web proxy does is that it acts as a shield between your device and your destination website server.

Since betting and gambling at casinos are not always considered legal, many would like to hide their identity while accessing these sites and web proxy does this job perfectly. Today, one can choose from a variety of web proxies available on the net.

The following are the few reliable web proxy resources with their domain Name:

Proxy Name Domain Name

  • Proxy Mesh
  • My IP Hide
  • Server Friend
  • Spy Surfing
  • VectroProxy

Real Proxy Configuration

From the above list, one of the easiest to use web proxies is the ‘My IP Hide’. It has an auto-configuration function and one need not do it manually. First, ‘My IP Hide’ needs to be downloaded on the user device from its website by following the onscreen instructions. Once the download is complete, it will set the configuration and make necessary changes, on its own, to the downloading device. Now, the user needs to simply open an account with a password. You are ready now. When the user inputs the URL of the casino in the address bar, ‘My IP Hide’ immediately fetches the casino site and the user can start gambling without disclosing the identity as the user is now using the proxy server.