How to Gamble Anonymously using

Want to place bets on your favourite games but still be safe? One of the ways to do this is keeping your online identity hidden. Whenever you go online to browse or visit a website, your device is assigned an Internet Protocol address, usually abbreviated as IP address. The IP address that is seen by the websites you visit or other online third-parties (such as online advertisers) is referred to as the public IP address. The other kind of IP address that your device has is the private IP address, but this is usually kept hidden within your local network. This article will try and understand how you can conceal your public IP address.

One of the ways to keep your online identity hidden is using a web proxy. A web proxy is basically like a middle-man sitting between your device and the Internet. Whenever you traverse the Internet via this “middle-man”, it appears as if it’s the middle-man (and not you) who is on the Internet. You are safe because you’re essentially browsing with another identity altogether. Think of it like going out with someone’s ID – in case you’re caught and you get booked, your real identity will be safe because the authorities won’t have your real details.

How to Use Proxy

The great thing about is that it is a web proxy, meaning you don’t have to configure anything on your device – no complicated settings for you! All you have to do is visit their web address (, and then on the homepage, enter the name of the gambling site you want to visit, e.g. and click Go. To be safe, it’s good practice to enter the full web address of the site – in this case, it’s You should be directed to the site under a public IP address that belongs to the web proxy server.