How Proxy Betting is Helping the Online Casino Industry

Proxy betting is a trend that is booming in the grey markets of Asia right now. There are so many table games in Macau which are being live streamed.

Earlier last year, analysts estimated that proxy betting was contributing around 15% to the VIP betting volume in Macau. Proxy gambling basically allows gamblers to wager on table games from remote locations. Using this method, they can place bets at live games while communicating through telephones.

But that was the old way of proxy betting. Nowadays, proxy betting is completely different. With casinos going online, there are a lot of casinos which operate 24/7 and allow gamblers from most parts of the world to enjoy games that they have to offer. Unfortunately, there are a few areas which have been restricted and this is where proxy betting comes into the picture.

People have now started using proxies to anonymously gamble at casinos. These proxies allow them to gamble at any casino in the world without having to worry about being traced back. While casinos are actively trying to prevent this by making it harder to withdraw money using proxies, the fact of the matter is that proxies are helping the industry grow. So, they aren’t trying to prevent them too much either.

Casinos are forced to exclude some regions when deciding availability and the main reason for this is the local laws of the land. But, people are able to find workarounds for these roadblocks. The casino is supposed to try and prevent this from happening but the truth is, it isn’t a major concern for them.

They obviously want more players to join in. That’s why, instead of focusing on preventing players from restricted locations to access their casino using proxies, they work on preventing these players from making withdrawals. It’s a much smarter move. But for now, the proxies are winning.