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Welcome to proxy-list.co.uk, your go-to-guide when it comes to online proxies. Here, you will find a variety of hints, tips, and tricks on how to effectively use online proxies to play games in online casinos anonymously and safely. Not only do we provide the information you need to understand what proxies are and how they work, we also provide a range of real proxies, along with guides on how to use and configure them. Especially if you are planning on gambling in a mobile casino. Be sure to read reviews off the casino you are thinking about choosing. As an example you can check out this nyspins uk review.

What is a Proxy Server?

A Web proxy is a server which serves as a middleman between you, the user, who is surfing the Web, and the website which you are navigating to. By acting as the intermediary, a proxy provides an additional layer of anonymity.

How do Proxies Work?

To put it simply, the way that proxies function is through masking your private information from websites which you are accessing, concealing your location, identity and IP address. When your surf via an online proxy, you send the server a request which it will first try to access from its local cache of pages which users have already accessed. Should the proxy finds what you are requesting, it will return the content without the need to access the Internet to put forward the request. Should the proxy not find the content in its cache, then it will make a request on your behalf, by using one of its static IP addresses to access the content from the web.

Here, you will learn all about proxies as well as be provided with a list of proxy servers which you can use to keep your online activity private.