Progressive Jackpot Explained In Details

unnamedAccording to numerous surveys among gambling adherents, slot machines still hold the title of the main gamblers’ attraction. The crowds of gamblers tend to make their choice in favor of progressive jackpot-ready slots, the most exciting and profitable entertainers from the players’ point of reference. These machines provide a nice opportunity to win the progressive jackpot, which is oftentimes represented by a seven figures winning. To date, a decent online casino will not only offer slots with progressive jackpots, but also progressive jackpot-ready roulette or blackjack.

Progressive jackpot (progressively growing jackpot is a more exact title) is the sum of the prize fund in a separate game (or series of games), which is constantly increasing basing on the income received from all the players. At the same time, there could be only one progressive jackpot winner, despite the fact that it is formed due to the effort of the entire gambling community.

Doubtlessly, a progressive jackpot is a Holy Grail for any gambler. It keeps on growing, even if you do not play the game and its amount will continue to increase as other gamblers spend more and more. However, in order to really compete for the jackpot, it is desirable to risk and bet considerable amounts of money. However, gambling folklore is full of stories where the largest prizes go to newcomers betting funny money.

This jackpot will keep on growing

The principle of operation of slots and other games with progressive jackpots in an average online casino is very similar to the implementation of this functional in brick and mortar gambling establishments, as well as various offline lotteries and bingo. To make it easier to understand, let’s study the popular slot MajorMillions by a renowned company Microgaming.

The developer provides numerous casinos with its software various virtual casinos (e.g., SpinPalaceCasino or Betway, this software is used by 100+ casinos, and the number keeps on growing). Each of these casinos, when MajorMillions slot is played for real money, deducts a certain percentage to the total progressive jackpot pot. This bank will be the same for all the casinos; thus, the chances to hit the jackpot from any casino are equal. Typically, you can see the amount of the jackpot at the game page increasing in real time.

So is it really possible to win a jackpot?

Progressive jackpot is not only packed in Microgaming products casino, dozens of successful gambling software developers, e.g. Playtech, NetEnt, Bossmedia and Cryptologici take advantage of granting a chance to win crazy money to everyone. However, beginners are typically skeptical about the possibility of winning a really large amount in a virtual gambling establishment, sincerely believing that the big wins are the prerogative of brick and mortar casinos only. Nevertheless, this is nothing but a delusion. For example, in January 2013, a forty years player from Finland won a progressive jackpot on a slot machine MegaFortune accommodated at one of the casinos based on the NetEnt platform. The lucky one managed to earn 17,861,813 euros! Well, two years earlier, the same slot brought a prize in the amount of 11.7 million euros to another lucky one from Sweden! Winning the progressive jackpot is quite real, just don’t give up and do not lose hope.

Three Card Poker – One Of The Famous Games

Gambling enthusiasts are interested in acquiring expertise in more than a few types of games as they love to change the games as and when they start to feel boring. New games are shown more interest in that way. Some pros do not mind new versions of the same game such as the American roulette or the Spanish blackjack and so on. In that way, here is something quite interesting and tricky choice to cope up. It is nothing but the three card poker. It is absolutely interesting game to play and liked by millions of online gamblers all over the world. Online gambling are a lot of fun but not all can give you a feel of Vegas unlike gambling portal DGFEV, a German online casino where you feel like you are in Vegas, even when you’re gambling all tucked up in your bed.

Three Card Poker is one of the famous games that are played commonly here in majority of the online  casinos in this part of the world.  It is quite prominent in Germany it is a friendly game that is played using the regular set of playing cards with 52 pieces. The goal of the game is to have ultimately higher hand compared to what the dealer has. You will not compete against any of the fellow participants just like how the other poker games are played. It is just the dealer vs. you, here.

While you have completed placing all your ante bets as well as the pair plus bets, then you need to place one more bet which is the prime bet. Now each player will be given 3 cards each and the dealer will also get it. You are allowed to see your cards, when you have completely studied the numbers you can decide to place your bets accordingly. Playbet is placed to make sure that they stay in the game further. If not the ante wager is finalised as loss and it will be surrendered. The house takes the ante wager get surrendered. If you have to qualify then the hand in the dealer’s side should be equivalent or higher than the rank of queen. Otherwise, the player is considered to be victorious in the round of play.

The interesting part is when the dealer will be qualified. Yes, the dealer gets qualified most of the times literally to add on to the player’s woes. Now comparison takes place between the hands of the player and the dealer’s. Whoever poses the highest hand will emerge victoriously.

When the gambler will have a higher poker hand then the ante as well as the play is to pay out even amounts of money. On the other hand, if in case the dealer will have a better hand than the player, then both the ante and the play bet will end up in a loss. Sometimes, it can end up in a tie where both the dealer and the player will be having exactly equal values. Here, both the bets will have to be standoff. There are instants when the gambler will have the ante bet along with a straight or even better hand. In such a case, the gambler will get an ante bonus too. It does not matter what is the value that the dealer’s hand shows.